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Patient Experience Miracles Dr Naram’s Ancient Secrets

Posted by Alternative Medicine on January 21, 2011 in Health with No Comments

The New York based Indrani Maitra had experienced miracle when she started using the ancient secrets of Dr Pankaj Naram, the well known Indian Pulse reader and master of ancient secrets.

She has expressed her experience here :

This month on December 9th, I met with you in Westchester, NY. At that time I’d told you about my high cholesterol count. I’d showed you my report from four months ago which showed LDL count of 163. You’d asked me to take Healthy Cholesterol. It was not available until the end of October. I started taking Healthy Cholesterol from October 30th. Soon there after I went for another blood test on November 15th. I received the last test report after I returned home from visiting you on the 9th. I was happy to observe that not only my HDL count had gone up 6 points, but also my LDL count had dropped to 139, that is more than 20 points and just with in 2 weeks. I stopped taking Lipitor (prescribed by my physician) just 3 days after starting it. I can’t wait to see my next cholesterol report after one month.

How do I thank you for creating miracles after miracles? The first miracle was when I’d visited you the first time in August of 2007 and was scheduled for a dental surgery the next day. After meeting you, I had canceled my dental surgery since your herbal medicine had given me relief with in 48 hours just as you had promised.

The second miracle – I had suffered from allergies all my life and it kept getting worse which made me leave my job. After meeting you in 2007 and taking the medicines prescribed by you regularly, I’m happy to say that in 2010 I didn’t get any allergy attacks and am confident that it will not come back again, at least not in the intense manner as it used to.

The third miracle – looks like my arthritis is also getting cured. It had become intense in 2008 & again in 2009. My physician told me that I will never get better, only worse & that I might require a knee replacement. Now I feel happy that the pain seems to have subsided instead of getting worse! In fact, my friends and family sere shocked to see me on the dance floor in a banquet dinner this November! And not for just one dance, rather for almost two hours on & off. No one could believe that my knees could tolerate so much activity.

I hope I continue to improve and enjoy the Vibrant Health that you talk about. I feel 72 years young where as I used to feel a lot older before. You truly have very positive impact on me and you’re a blessing on this planet earth.

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