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My Canadian Pharmacy Experts Compare The Best Oral Contraceptives

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Despite a rather wide range of different barrier contraceptives represented at My Canadian Pharmacy website, hormonal birth control pills currently occupy the leading sales position in Canadian pharmacy. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of contraindications that follow the most popular oral contraceptives as well as the rules for their admission. That is why considering the vast choice of different brand and generic oral contraceptives offered on My Canadian Pharmacy Pro and other important questions related to these drugs, TheAlternativeMedicine.Net decided to compare the best medications with help of MCP experts.

Two most common types of oral contraceptives and their major differences

oral contraceptives

All hormonal pills for contraception who can be used by women are divided into two main groups: combined oral contraceptive pills (COCPs) and mini-pills.

All COCPs contain substances like ethinyl estradiol (estrogen analogue) and progestogen (like norgestrel, gestodene, desogestrel, norethisterone, etc.). Depending on various content in combined oral contraceptive pills are divided into monophasic, two- and three-phase preparations:

  1. Monophasic COCPs

In these pills the percentage of estrogen and progestin components do not vary in each oral pill. For example, desogestrel and ethinyl estradiol can be found in two best preparations of this sub-group Jeanine and Femilon.

  1. Two-phase (biphasic) COCPs

The dose of estrogen is identical in all pills but the percentage of progestogen varies according to the first and second periods of a woman’s menstrual cycle. Among these preparations My Canadian Pharmacy recommends such pills all Didrogesteron + Estradiol  combinations in brand and generic forms, Ethinylestradiol + Levonorgestrel like Sekvilar, ethinylestradiol + Horetisteron, ethinylestradiol + chlormadinone acetate combos (most of our users recommend these COCPs because of their safety and high efficacy profile).

  1. Triphasic COCPs

All hormones in such pills like estrogen and progestin are changed three times per a single package – this is associated with the change of periods in a menstrual cycle. Allegedly such pills can also treat acne but this action is more like a good side effect than an approved indication. You can buy Merci as the best triphasic bith control pill at My Canadian Pharmacy Pro.

On the contrast to COCPs, mini-pills are composed only of progestogen. Their mechanism of action provides the local effect on peripheral portions of a female genital system. Firstly, a mini-pill affects the discharge of cervical mucus and its amount. Thus, at mid-cycle, its volume decreases mucus viscosity but it’s still high in any phases of a menstrual cycle that prevents free movement of sperm. And a mini-pill also changes biochemical and morphological structures of endometrium, which create a “bad” condition for sperm action. Approximately a half of all women taking mini-pills got their ovulation processes blocked. The fans of mini-pills should, foremost, try lynestrenol and desogestrel sold under different trade names and generic titles.

How to choose a good birth control pill: tips from My Canadian Pharmacy experts

Women of low or medium height, very feminine in appearance, with skin and hair prone to dryness, with a significant and long-lasting menstrual blood loss and with a menstrual cycle of more than four weeks should choose multi-phasic COCPs.

Women of average height, with breasts of medium in size, with normal hair, without premenstrual symptoms and having only 5 menstrual days after full 4 weeks. Such women should use second-generation birth control pills: Marvelon, Silest, Femoden and other monophasic COCPs.

There are special recommendations for women who already gave birth to a child. A standard blister mini-pill contains 28 tablets. These pills must be taken without any interruption at 7 days, at the same hour. A mini-pill is commonly suitable for women who already fed with breast milk. If a woman is not lactating or prefer artificial feeding, she should choose a low-dose COCP. COCPs can be started on 21 – 28 days after birth.

It is worth mentioning that in any scenario the contraceptive effect from a birth control pill reveals after 2 weeks of regular admission and 100% guarantee of the contraceptive effect and reliability of this method occurs only on the second month after taking the same birth control pill regularly. Blockade of ovaries begins as soon as the hormones of pills start coming into genitals, but the maximum guarantee comes after one full month of their application.

According to multiple user reviews at My Canadian Pharmacy Pro (read now), modern birth control pills contain far less estrogen than their predecessors. This means that they have fewer side effects. And despite this, they are still highly effective. However, despite differences both types of described birth control pills have their own  unique benefits.

Combined birth control pills provide a number of advantages:

  • With daily admission they are effective up to 99%. However, the usual failure rate is 3% – 8%, according to the anonymous poll that was held among My Canadian Pharmacy users;
  • Menstrual cycle becomes less abundant, more regular and less painful;
  • Less premenstrual symptoms such as mood swings;
  • Lowered risk of cancer of the ovary and uterus, and breast cysts and inflammatory diseases of pelvic organs;
  • Decreased acne;
  • Such pills prevent the development of ectopic pregnancy;
  • Decreased discomfort from endometriosis.

Mini-pills have also a bunch of advantages to consider:

  • Thickening of cervical mucus to prevent sperm getting to eggs;
  • Changes in uterus’ lining, making it difficult to implantation of a fertilized egg;
  • They are available in packages designed for 28 days and all pills are active;
  • They can be taken during breastfeeding;
  • They can be taken by women who cannot tolerate estrogen – for example, by those who smoke or who are over 35 years old, with high blood pressure or migraines with auras;
  • They reduce menstrual blood loss and cramps;
  • They protect against cancer of uterus and ovaries, as well as decrease the risks of inflammatory diseases of pelvic organs.

Along with oral contraceptives that should be taken for a long term period, MCP offers the so-called emergency contraceptive pills should be taken in order to prevent pregnancy that may happen because of an unprotected sex contract beforehand. Plan B and Morning After are the best emergency contraceptive pills that you should always have at hand. Feel free to ask our experts any questions in order to choose the best oral contraceptives. You can buy all of described birth control pills at My Canadian Pharmacy with decent discounts and via great daily offers sent to our subscribers and registered users.

Research Canadian Health Care Mall: The Role of Aeromedical Transport

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Aeromedical transport (AMT) of seriously ill patients is no longer a rarity, but rather an everyday event. Indeed, as early as 1784, after the balloon flight demonstrations of the Montgolfier brothers, physicians began to consider the benefits their patients could gain from flight. Jean-Francois Picot theorized that not only could patients tolerate balloon flight, they would in fact benefit from purer air encountered at altitude. AMT using heavier-than-air machines was initiated in 1909, when Captain George Gosman built a plane specifically for this purpose. Aeromedical Transport

However, it was not easy to convince the government to approve further development of Gos-man’s aircraft following its destruction in a crash, and it was never used to transport actual patients. In 1917, the French Dorand AR II was the first air ambulance that actually carried patients. Over the next several decades, the “ambulance airplane” industry grew, mainly in the military. World War II saw great increases in the use of AMT. It has been estimated that more than one million patients were airlifted by the United States from all theaters of this conflict, with an overall death rate of only 4 in 100,000.

The Korean War brought new challenges and opportunities for AMT. In 1950, the use of the helicopter for the front-line medical evacuation of patients during combat was authorized. More than 17,000 patients were transported by Army helicopters alone from January 1951 to 1953. The outstanding medical evacuation system developed during the war in Vietnam owed much to the experience gained during the Korean conflict. The effective use of helicopters for AMT in Vietnam and their appearance almost nightly on domestic television kindled interest in their use for air evacuation in the civilian community. The recent conflict in the Persian Gulf has also emphasized the importance of AMT in military operations.

The marriage of aviation and medicine has expanded the reach of the critical care unit and other specialized units beyond an individual hospital. The incorporation of monitoring, ventilators, oxygen and suction, infusion pumps, etc, allows critical care therapy similar to that available within the hospital. Unfortunately, many advertised “air-ambulance” services are nothing more than business aircraft staffed by a moonlighting paramedic or nurse obtained on a “catch-as-can” basis by a charter aircraft company. There may be no medical direction at all and thus no practice standards, appropriate education of personnel, quality assurance, or medical control.

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Human Body – Energies

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When a large quantity of energies gathers in one or the other side of your brain, you can influence alone yourselves. For example, if the electricity is accumulated in the right hemisphere of the brain, you shall not stroke your head by your right hand, in order not to increase your state, but you shall stroke the right side of your head by your left hand. And vice versa. If you have an excess of electricity in the left side of your head, you shall stroke it by your right hand. At this experiment, you will notice that you calm down and that you state is changing. That is why, during the summer, when the sun is shining violently over your head, stroke your hair by both hands. You will take out the electricity from the brain through your hands and you will avoid a sun stroke in this way.

As the brain is connected to all parts of the body, the polarization in some of its centres reflects right away in the relevant organs of the body, which, in this way, take part in the accumulation of energy. By knowing this, you shall look for a way for transferring the excessive energy in your organism from one centre to another.

There is a centre behind the ears of people, in which gathers more energy than it is needed. He becomes irritated, grumpy, and is ready to quarrel with everybody. If he can transform this energy and use it for some work, he will easily get rid of the anger. It is a special type of electrical energy. Look for a way of coping with the excessive energy round your ears. Begin to saw woods or to dig. If you cannot do that, touch the top of your nose 4 or 5 times. It is important to find a way to transform the energy of anger into work.

Sin is due to the personal feelings in someone. Personal feelings are a special sort of cosmic energy, which, if not transformed and distributed between all centres of the brain, causes an explosion. Near to the personal feelings is the centre of conscience, through which they have to pass. You shall learn the law of transforming of energies and direct them from one brain centre to another. You shall work the way Nature works. It has a certain time and place for everything. When one understands life, man obeys all laws and rules of Nature.

You are focus, through which the solar energies pass, as well as the Earth ones. The solar energies pass through you from the morning till noon. They come from up and go down to the centre of the Earth. In the afternoons, the movement is vice versa – the energies from the centre of the Earth pass through your legs and go up to the Sun. Hence, if you do certain movements in the morning and in the evening, you will have different results. Generally, bad spirits appear in the afternoons with some people, because the flows of the earth pass through them then.