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Treatment Options for Prostate Cancer

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This is an area that is the subject of ongoing research. There are a number of treatment options that can be taken singly or sometimes in combination. All of these treatments have pluses and minuses. It is important to inform yourself fully about all the options, including the option of‘watchful waiting’, i.e. simply keeping an eye on your prostate. This can be a very reasonable option as many men with prostate cancer do not have aggressive forms of the condition and their condition grows so slowly that no active treatment is needed.

The decision to have active treatment and which type of treatment to undergo is an important decision that you should take in conjunction with your specialist, as side effects from these treatments by Viagra Australia can be significant. Surgery, radiotherapy and hormone therapy all have different side effects that need to be considered. These side effects include urinary incontinence, reduced ejaculation, lowered sex drive and long-term impotence, as well as hot flushes, tiredness and sweats.

Options include surgery, radiotherapy, hormone therapy or a combination of these treatments:

  • Surgical removal of the entire prostate is known as a ‘radical prostatectomy’. Complications from this can include impotence and urinary incontinence.
  • Radiotherapy can include either external beam radiotherapy, where the prostate is irradiated from outside the body, or more recently an option of placing small radioactive seeds into the prostate, which irradiate it from the inside out.
  • Hormone treatment can lower the testosterone levels (this is like giving the patient the male menopause). Drugs can be used to lower the level of testosterone in the blood, which has the effect of slowing or stopping the growth of the cancerous tumour. However, some prostate tumours develop the ability to grow without testosterone.

Research is ongoing into other potential treatments for prostate cancer. One such option may be a new drug called abiraterone. Early research suggests that this drug can shrink the prostate in men with prostate cancer. Large scale trials will be needed comparing this treatment to established treatment options to see if it really is a step forward.

Key Points

  • The prostate is an important gland for a man’s sexual health.
  • Many men lack knowledge and information about the prostate gland.
  • Disorders of the prostate gland, especially benign enlargement (BPH), are common, especially as men get older.
  • Be aware of the symptoms of prostate problems. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men and is on the increase.
  • Often this cancer can be very slow-growing and difficult to diagnose.
  • The PSA blood test, when raised, can be an early marker of prostate cancer.
  • At present the jury is still out on the benefits of screening for prostate cancer.
  • Stay informed about your prostate health and discuss this issue with your doctor.

Is All Exercise the Same?

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Weight or Strength Training

Weight training is very important for keeping our muscles and bones strong and healthy. As we get older, this becomes particularly important for upper body strength, which tends to naturally decline with age. Bodybuilding is not the aim. Two 15-minute sessions spaced out during the week are ideal. Put the emphasis on doing comfortable repetitions of low weights rather than going for broke on the Olympic bar. Press-ups are an excellent exercise for upper body strength. As with other forms of exercise, it is important not to overdo it. Listen to your own body and know the difference between a little bit of exercise-induced stiffness and the soreness that can come from an injury.

Flexibility Exercises

Stretching should be an essential part of any exercise programme, as it helps to keep the body loose and prevent injury. Working on and improving flexibility is also an important part of any rehabilitation programme after an injury. Exercises to strengthen the lower back and stomach muscles, often called core stabilisation exercises, are now recognised as being very important in injury prevention.

Stretching is also a great way to relax and unwind. The best stretching routine is the one that works best for you. Your doctor or physiotherapist can help you plan a specific programme for your needs.

There is a much greater emphasis on incorporating a more holistic approach to healthcare today. This can be seen by the increasing popularity of yoga, Pilates and tai chi. Personally I have been impressed by some elderly patients who practise yoga, especially with regard to their degree of flexibility and suppleness. Don’t assume that yoga and Pilates are for women only, men can get the same health benefits from these activities.

How Much Exercise is Enough?

We were born to exercise. Primitive man was a hunter and gatherer and may have run many miles on a daily basis, gathering berries and escaping the clutches of lions and other wild beasts. However, this hunter-gatherer role has diminished as society has modernised, and now modern man can often spend his day sitting at a desk, behind a wheel of a car or slouched in front of a computer or TV screen. Of course this doesn’t describe all of us, but you get the picture. We need to be much more proactive about taking exercise. It is felt that we need at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise daily or on most days of the week, i.e. 210 minutes per week. This is what is needed to keep our hearts, bodies and minds healthy Viagra online. Moderate exercise means that you should get warm, but you don’t have to sweat.

Know Your Numbers

  • 30 minutes/day on most days (at least 5 times per week) or
  • 210 minutes/week of moderate exercise
  • 45-60 minutes/day if overweight or at risk of obesity
  • 60-90 minutes/day if obese
  • 10,000 steps equates to 5 miles/8 kilometres

Restoration of fertility

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Follicle culture

Any culture strategy designed to support the complete IVG of oocytes and follicles from cryopreserved tissues must mimic the sequence of events and cellular checkpoints that the follicles and oocytes would normally be exposed to in vivo. The growth rates, cell–cell signalling and metabolic turnover of follicles and oocytes grown in vitro must correspond to the parameters of similar cells grown to maturity in the body nolvadex canada. During their extended growth phase, oocytes progressively synthesize and accumulate the payload of proteins and acids (RNAs), which are required to support production of a fertile gamete and the preimplantation development of the early embryo. Furthermore, there are stage-specific changes in genomic imprinting during oocyte growth in vivo that must be replicated in oocytes grown in vitro.

Despite these stringent biological requirements, significant advances have been made in IVG technologies. Encouraging results have been obtained in laboratory species. In contrast, progress in IVG in large animals and humans is far slower than that observed in rodents, as ruminant and human oocytes are much larger eggs, which take many months to acquire their fertile potential. Nevertheless, in both sheep and humans it is now possible to: initiate and maintain primordial follicle growth over extended periods; induce antral cavity formation in preantral follicles; induce appropriate levels of steroid biosynthesis after provision of suitable substrates. Importantly, extensive validation studies carried out on isolated sheep follicles have revealed that IVG can be achieved with equal efficiency using both fresh and cryopreserved tissue. Electron microscopy has also shown that the in vitro-grown cells have a similar morphology to oocytes and follicles grown in vivo. Further advances in IVG technology will soon enable us to determine if the oocytes derived following cryopreservation and IVG of human ovarian cortex are healthy and fertile.

Loss of ovarian function and reduction of fertile potential in young patients can be combated by the development of strategies to quantify the risk of ovarian damage, to protect the gonads from the destructive effects of medical treatments and, in extreme cases, to cryopreserve fertility. Advances in fertility preservation methods for young patients will inevitably be dependent on the development of an improved understanding of the effects on the ovary of contemporary treatments, as exposure to cytotoxic agents is frequently unavoidable prior to a window of safety being available for oocyte and ovarian tissue harvesting. Furthermore, the development of a safe clinical strategy to preserve the fertility of all young patients, irrespective of diagnosis, has to be based around high-quality basic research into the biology and technology of oocyte and ovarian tissue cryopreservation and its safe and cheap viagra canada online  and efficient use to restore fertility. Future research topics are therefore likely to include: development of new diagnostics to test the gonadotoxicity of treatments such as those offered to cancer patients; development of accurate methods to predict the lifespan of autografts; determination of the optimum location of autografts; assessment of the impact of patient age on the efficiency of the freezing, thawing and grafting or IVG processes; quantification of the consequences of prior exposure to chemo- or radiotherapies; and evaluation of the normality of uterine function and the contribution of the uterus to implantation post-treatment.

Zeolite Dosage

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How Much Zeolite Should I take?

This is a question most people want to know, and of course it is different for each brand and there are so many brands on the market today, but here are some general guidelines you can follow for the 2 most popular types of zeolite, namely zeolite powder and liquid zeolite. If you have questions about other brands, follow the label, but don’t get too stressed. It is impossible to overdose on liquid forms of this supplement, given that there are very small amounts in the bottles.

What do the Scientific Studies on Zeolite Say?

First, according to the scientific studies, the recommended dosage for general maintenance and prevention is 2.5 to 5 grams. In practical terms, 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of powdered micronized clinoptilolite will deliver the amount recommended in the scientific literature.

There have been a number of studies and anecdotal evidence that using this mineral orally could be beneficial in removing heavy metals and toxins, as well as studies in which patients used the powder form as an adjunct to conventional cancer treatments. The big question is, how do the supplements on the market today measure up to the studies?

Zeolite Brands

The popular powdered is cleaned micronized zeolite powder with 5000 mg in one measured teaspoon. That makes it easy doesn’t it? 1 teaspoon a day matches up with what we have learned. For acute health issues, the recommend 1 teaspoon 3 X a day mixed in water or juice should do it.

This company also serves zeolite in capsules. Their encapsulated clinoptilolite products have either 800 or 900 mg per capsule, so in order to get your 2.5-5 grams a day you would take 3-6 capsules.

What about Liquid Zeolite?

Liquid zeolite is a little bit different. There haven’t been any real clinical studies on liquid types, however, popular brands like Original Liquid Zeolite claim their product is simply micronized powdered zeolite which is suspended in water. The label states that there are 24 mg per dose, which means there are 2400 mg per bottle. (this is 1/2 the amount, in an entire bottle, than the recommended dosage in the scientific studies. This is why I mentioned it is impossible to take too much of the liquid products.)

In order to get the minimum dosage recommended in the study, one would need to consume one bottle per day, for prevention. The company claims 24 mg 3 times a day is enough, so that would mean the dosage for that liquid product is 3 drops 3 times a day. Some of their distributors claim one needs to take 10 drops 3 times a day for detox, and 15 drops 4 times a day for an acute health issue.

Despite the fact that liquids deliver a much lower dosage, there have been many testimonials on their effectiveness. While testimonials don’t add up to scientific proof, they are powerful in describing how people feel when taking a particular supplement.

What About Other Zeolite Brands?

I recommend that you read labels closely before you buy, to make sure you are getting as close to the dosages recommended in the studies as possible. Since each brand is different, you can now make a decision based on the label.

This will get more confusing as time goes on, and more products hit the market with more ingredients in them. Companies can get away with now saying exactly how much is in the bottle by listing it with other ingredients and calling it a proprietary blend. Because of this, you should try to get a product that lists the ingredients separately and has only a few ingredients.

Which is Better? Zeolite Powder or Liquid?

I think, from a dosage perspective, it is much easier to get an adequate amount by using a powder product. However, many people find scooping a powder into a glass and mixing it with water to be too messy or time-consuming. For those people, and for children who won’t drink a whole glass of powder dissolved in water, the liquid form has found a great niche.

For everyone else, zeolite powder is proving to be an excellent way to take zeolite every day.

Remedies for Leaky Gut Syndrome

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No matter how the symptoms may be seriously affecting you physically, emotionally and psychologically there is still hope and remedies for leaky gut syndrome. These remedies are all natural and risk free when applied cautiously. You need to make sure that the remedies will not negatively interact with any other conditions you may have. Therefore talk to your doctor first if you have other conditions or are taking any medications. The body detoxification process is also well known as cleansing, purifying, etc. It is vitally importance for every curing and prevention program to wash away the toxins in your body before actually entering any medication or diets. Leaky gut syndrome started when your body took in too many toxins and other substances that are very harmful to the body. It is now time to cleanse and take out all that poison inside you and make you healthy. You can start your body detoxification by following these steps, bowel cleanse (parasite cleanse), dental cleaning, kidney cleanse and liver cleanse. These cleansings can be accomplished by having a detoxifying diet and seeing your dentist twice a year for regular cleanings. This is an all natural diet that can be followed easily.
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A detoxifying diet is not expensive and not risky thus it is a very healthy way of cleansing your body. Physical activity and healthy eating improves the function of the organs in the body. It also helps enhance immunity, vigor and stamina. When you are physically occupied by exercise, sports and other hobbies, you are performing a needed activity for your body and it also relieves stress, pressure and deterioration of your body and mind.

Meditation doesn’t require you to learn fancy ways in diverting your mind. You can do this on your own without depending much on other techniques like yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Etc. Meditation is achieved when you are focusing your thoughts to hope, love, peace and thankfulness while exercising proper breathing techniques. A free hour alone and a silent room with mild and soothing music playing softly is all you need. If you don’t have an hour than make it 30, 20 or even 15 minutes but please do it and you may get hooked on it. Be yourself and allow your mind to let go of its negative thoughts by concentrating on the good things in your life no matter how small. Meditation can also be achieved spiritually. Get in touch with your higher power and allow your spirit to be lifted up. If you believe in God or you are part of a religious group it will be best to reconnect with your faith or belief but that is not necessary. Find comfort by releasing your negative thoughts and negative energy by following your spiritual guidance.

A very important factor in facing a condition is finding other people who are experiencing the same circumstances. The internet is a vast universe of communication in finding groups and people with like interest. You can find a forum where you can join and interact with other people who have gone or are still going through the same things that you are. This will enhance your awareness and knowledge about your own condition. It will also serve as your support system.

Jet Lag Bath Remedy

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Don’t lose any of your precious vacation or business time because of the disorienting effects of long-distance travel or jet lag.

This remedy is the simplest, most natural bath cure for jet lag I’ve ever come across. It was developed by a South Sea Islands physician many years ago.

Use this simple treatment as soon as possible after getting off the plane. Within the first few hours is the best. The longer you wait, the less effective it is. I tried it once after three days and it didn’t do much, so I had to “tough out” the jet lag effects for a while longer.

This jet lag bath-therapy only takes a little more than an hour and can be done any time of day or night.

GOOD NEWS: Two can bathe for the price of one!! This is a soak, not a bath, and the person who likes the water temperature hotter can soak first, then the other person can use the same water.

1. Pack one 8-ounce box of baking soda and one cup of Epsom salts* in a zip-lock bag or plastic container. (Label it ‘Epsom salts’ so that Customs doesn’t freak out that you’re smuggling drugs.)

2. As soon as you arrive in your hotel or destination, fill the tub with water as hot as you can safely tolerate it and dissolve the salts and soda in the water.

3. While the tub is filling, drink at least 8 ounces of water, preferably more. Air travel is notoriously dehydrating.

4. The water level should cover your shoulders, so you may have to slide down in the tub. It’s ok for your knees to stick up out of the water. The thing is to immerse your whole torso.

5. Soak for 7 – 10 minutes. Only soak, do not wash with soap.

6. Do not cross your arms over your body – keep them down at your sides. Do not cross your legs or ankles while you’re in the tub.

7. Get up slowly out of the tub after 7 – 10 minutes and gently pat yourself dry. Do not rub your skin with the towel or make sudden movements.

8. Lie down on your back and cover yourself with at least a sheet so that you do not chill off too quickly. Rest for one hour.

9. While resting, keep your arms at your sides and your legs out straight from your body. Do not cross your arms over your body and do not cross your legs or ankles – same as in the tub. If you feel more comfortable with a pillow under your knees, that is fine.

10. After one hour of rest, you may get up and shower and get on with your trip; or, you may roll over and go to sleep for the night.

You might like to add a few drops of essential oils to the Epsom salts or baking soda before dissolving them in the bath. For relaxation, add lavender; for balancing, add lavender and rosemary; for energizing at the beginning of the day, add grapefruit, lemon and/or a dot of peppermint.

This safe and simple treatment for jet lag will re-balance the nervous system, restore the pH of the cells, relax the muscles and re-set your body clock to the present time — holistic at its best!

When you get up from the rest or sleep, you will feel refreshed and fully prepared to make the most of your trip. And take the soak when you get home, too! Bon voyage!

Five Things You Need to Know About Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement

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Bio identical hormone replacement has achieved tremendous success in in the past 6 years. This therapy is not limited to a single specialization. It covers a wide range of medical fields like gynecology, cardiology, dermatology, neurology and osteology etc. This therapy uses bio identical hormones. These hormones are manufactured in a pharmaceutical lab to have a similar molecular structure as the hormones made by our own body have.

Steroid hormones including pregnenolone, DHEA, progesterone, testosterone, estrone, estradiol, and estriol are formed in the body from cholesterol which is produced in the liver. Most of this hormone production happens in the adrenal glands and ovaries. Some estrogen is formed and stored in fatty tissues.

Each of these hormones has definite functions in the body.

Some of these, like progesterone and DHEA, also serve as transitional precursors for the estrogens and testosterone. Progesterone is also an antecedent of aldosterone, which helps in controlling fluid and sodium balance.

Following are the benefits that you must know to make a sensible decision for your physical and emotional well being:

  • Bio identical hormones match your own hormones exactly i.e. they are matching.
  • They don’t interfere with your own hormone production.
  • They leave the body more quickly than synthetics, and don’t pose the same long-term health problems and risks.
  • When used in correct dosage, they are free from the side effects of standard HRT drugs.
  • They can be individualized and custom tailored to meet individual hormone needs.

Unlike progestin, natural progesterone doesn’t hold back the benefits of estrogen on lowering cholesterol, doesn’t cause you to bleed for the duration of use of HRT, protects against breast cancer, reduces risks of endometrial cancer and can ease premenopausal and menopausal symptoms.

Sore Throat Home Remedies Treatments for Relief

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Sore throat home remedies are many and varied and range from the ridiculous to the medically tested and proven. With this common recurring condition many sufferers have their own favourite sore throat treatments that seem to work for them. The condition is medically known as pharyngitis but is generally called a number of different names but regardless of the name, you know quite clearly when you have an infected throat because of the pain and discomfort you suffer.

A sore infected throat is normally a symptom of a bacterial or viral infection, such as the common cold but may be caused by other factors. Usually other symptoms show up with an infected throat, such as a runny nose, a headache, muscle aches, a high temperature and a cough. If you have suffered with the condition you know how welcome some kind of throat relief is. You have perhaps tried sore throat home remedies in the past.

Sore painful throats are very common indeed and lots of people have at least 2 or 3 episodes every year. Infected throats are very noticeable among children and teenagers because younger people have less of an immunity or resistance against many of the germs and bacteria that cause sore throats.

In most cases the ailment is not too serious and is gone within 3 to 7 days without the need for any medical treatment. Often one of the sore throat home remedies for relief does the trick for around eighty-five per cent of people and over-the-counter prescriptions can usually relieve the symptoms without the need to see a medical professional.

However, if the symptoms do not improve after two weeks or you have continually bad throats you would be well advised to see a doctor, because if you have a very high temperature it could be symptomatic of a more serious medical condition, such as tonsillitis or quinsy.

While most diseased throats can be treated with sore throat home remedies, some folk are more prone than others to develop complications from a sore throat and may need additional medical treatment.
The bacterium or virus that gives you a painful throat is usually passed to you from someone else as it is spread through tiny droplets that contain the virus. These are launched invisibly into the air when someone sneezes, coughs or speaks. If you breathe in one of these droplets or touch a surface that they are on, and then touch your face or mouth, you may become infected

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Once you have caught an infection, it is generally a matter of letting it run its course and dealing with the symptoms with a one of the sore throat home remedies. If you or someone in your family has a bad throat then one of the many sore throat home remedies may be just the thing you need.

Other steps you could take to help relieve the symptoms are:
• Don’t eat or drink anything that is too hot as this could irritate your throat.
• You can suck throat lozenges, hard sweets or ice cubes to ease the pain.
• You should also avoid smoking and smoky environments as this will irritate your throat.
• Regularly gargle with a mouthwash of warm, salty water to reduce any swelling or pain.
• Drink plenty of fluids, especially if you have a high temperature (fever).

As a general rule the best way to treat a painful throat is with one of the many sore throat home remedies that have been passed down from your family or from others who have found relief with them.

Avoiding Colds And Flus Naturally

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In case you don’t know you can strengthen your immune system naturally without prescription or over the counter medicines. There are certain herbs, foods, supplements, and home remedies that really can help you to avoid catching a cold or flu. And at the same time strengthen your immune system. And if you do end up coming down with the cold or a flu it won’t be as severe and it won’t last as long.

One key thing a lot of people miss is the importance of washing your hands often. You really need to keep several of the containers of antibacterial hand soap setting around your house so that you can keep your hands super clean without even having to use water. Just squirt some of the antibacterial soap into your hand and rub your hands together. It’s also very important to keep items like remote controls, telephone handsets, and door knobs very clean. If you will do this you will find that the cold virus won’t get spread around among your family members nearly as quick. Keep in mind that its so very important to keep telephone handsets very clean especially during cold and flu season. generic viagra canada

A lot of people fail to realize how much your daily diet plays a part in the strength of your immune system.

  • If you or your children are eating candy, processed foods, or lots of soda your weakening your immune system.
  • In cold and flu season you need to take Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Vitamin C in large doses both to prevent the cold and flu and to strengthen your immune system.
  • During the cold and flu season try eating more vegetables. You should eat four to five servings of vegetables a day and you should have eggs for breakfast. Oatmeal is also very healthy for you. You should also try to add in lots of fresh fruit and fresh fruit contains lots of Vitamin C. Eat berries especially blueberries as they are one of the best antioxidant foods you can eat. Grandma was right those blueberry pancakes really are good for you. But avoid white flour. Try to go with all whole grains. Eat brown rice instead of white rice.
  • If you will take 2000 to 4000 mg of Vitamin C every day especially during the cold and flu season you will have far fewer infections. You also want to be sure to add plenty of fresh garlic to your diet. Fresh garlic fights infections and is really natures antibiotic. In the cold and flu season try to drink a couple of cups of your favorite hot tea with a tablespoon of natural honey in each cup of tea. Honey kills bacteria.
  • Echinacea is a really great super antioxidant and you can take it in capsule or drops. The normal dose for an adult is 40 drops a day. If you take 40 drops a day as soon as you fill your getting a cold or the flu you will notice the symptoms quickly going away.
  • Oil of Oregano is a powerful anti oxidant that is very good against bacteria, viral, parasitic, or fungal infections. You can take capsules or drop a few drops under your tongue so it will go straight into your system. Many experts say this is your best defense against the cold or flu.
  • Drink several cups a day of Chinese Green Tea and feel free to add natural honey to it to strengthen your immune system and give you more energy. You can also take a couple of teaspoons of apple cider vinegar a day and give yourself more energy while strengthening your immune system.
  • You should be sure to drink eight large glasses of bottled water a day to help to flush out your system. The water will also help to wash all the toxins out of your system. Regular exercise and fresh air will also help to keep your immune system strong and at the same time it should help to keep you cold and flu free.

Remember not to touch common surfaces out in the public where people with a cold or the flu may have touched. Keep a container of anti bacterial soap with you and wash your hands and arms up to your elbows often. If you will wash your hands very often you will have a lot fewer cold and flu problems.

Varicose and Spider Vein Treatment at the Vein Clinic

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In order to get a better understanding of diseases and disorders related to vens, we must know the basics first. The veis are a part of the blood circulation system of the body that carries impure or deoxygenated blood. They are as important as the heart because without the proper functioning of the veis, blood circulation may not be possible.

The Vei Disease is a kind of disease which is primarily the insufficient functioning of the eins. The vein disease can be of two different type i.e. varicose vein and spider ven.

  1. The Varicose Ven Treatment is very important as it helps to improve the functioning of the vein. During varicose ein disease, a person’s vein appear enlarged and twisted. The varicose veins are an indication of serious blockage in vein. Severe vein blockage may be fatal and life threatening.
  2. The spider vin is another form of vei disease. Though it is similar to varicose vins, the spider vein disease is found often near the skin. The spider vein is similar to a spider’s web and hence it got its name. It is found in the areas of body where the skin is comparatively thinner like at face and legs. The Spider Vein Treatment includes visual examinations of the portions which are affected. The doctor checks the inflammation of the veins in the affected areas and treats the patient accordingly. The Vein Disese is a kind of disease which is primarily the insufficient functioning of the veis. The vein diseae can be of two different type i.e. varicose vei and spider vein. The Varicose Vein Tretment is very important as it helps to improve the functioning of the vens. During varicose vein diseas, a person’s vens appear enlarged and twisted. The varicose veins are an indication of serious blockage in vins. Severe vein blockage may be fatal and life threatening

The treatment for vein disases is done in order to ensure the proper and healthy functioning of the veis. If the treatment for vein diseses does not show early improving symptoms, the doctor may ask the patient to undergo several other tests in the Vein Clinic. One such test is the ultrasound test that is done in order to check the functioning of the valves and determining the presence of blood clot.