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Avoiding Colds And Flus Naturally

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In case you don’t know you can strengthen your immune system naturally without prescription or over the counter medicines. There are certain herbs, foods, supplements, and home remedies that really can help you to avoid catching a cold or flu. And at the same time strengthen your immune system. And if you do end up coming down with the cold or a flu it won’t be as severe and it won’t last as long.

One key thing a lot of people miss is the importance of washing your hands often. You really need to keep several of the containers of antibacterial hand soap setting around your house so that you can keep your hands super clean without even having to use water. Just squirt some of the antibacterial soap into your hand and rub your hands together. It’s also very important to keep items like remote controls, telephone handsets, and door knobs very clean. If you will do this you will find that the cold virus won’t get spread around among your family members nearly as quick. Keep in mind that its so very important to keep telephone handsets very clean especially during cold and flu season. generic viagra canada

A lot of people fail to realize how much your daily diet plays a part in the strength of your immune system.

  • If you or your children are eating candy, processed foods, or lots of soda your weakening your immune system.
  • In cold and flu season you need to take Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Vitamin C in large doses both to prevent the cold and flu and to strengthen your immune system.
  • During the cold and flu season try eating more vegetables. You should eat four to five servings of vegetables a day and you should have eggs for breakfast. Oatmeal is also very healthy for you. You should also try to add in lots of fresh fruit and fresh fruit contains lots of Vitamin C. Eat berries especially blueberries as they are one of the best antioxidant foods you can eat. Grandma was right those blueberry pancakes really are good for you. But avoid white flour. Try to go with all whole grains. Eat brown rice instead of white rice.
  • If you will take 2000 to 4000 mg of Vitamin C every day especially during the cold and flu season you will have far fewer infections. You also want to be sure to add plenty of fresh garlic to your diet. Fresh garlic fights infections and is really natures antibiotic. In the cold and flu season try to drink a couple of cups of your favorite hot tea with a tablespoon of natural honey in each cup of tea. Honey kills bacteria.
  • Echinacea is a really great super antioxidant and you can take it in capsule or drops. The normal dose for an adult is 40 drops a day. If you take 40 drops a day as soon as you fill your getting a cold or the flu you will notice the symptoms quickly going away.
  • Oil of Oregano is a powerful anti oxidant that is very good against bacteria, viral, parasitic, or fungal infections. You can take capsules or drop a few drops under your tongue so it will go straight into your system. Many experts say this is your best defense against the cold or flu.
  • Drink several cups a day of Chinese Green Tea and feel free to add natural honey to it to strengthen your immune system and give you more energy. You can also take a couple of teaspoons of apple cider vinegar a day and give yourself more energy while strengthening your immune system.
  • You should be sure to drink eight large glasses of bottled water a day to help to flush out your system. The water will also help to wash all the toxins out of your system. Regular exercise and fresh air will also help to keep your immune system strong and at the same time it should help to keep you cold and flu free.

Remember not to touch common surfaces out in the public where people with a cold or the flu may have touched. Keep a container of anti bacterial soap with you and wash your hands and arms up to your elbows often. If you will wash your hands very often you will have a lot fewer cold and flu problems.

Varicose and Spider Vein Treatment at the Vein Clinic

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In order to get a better understanding of diseases and disorders related to vens, we must know the basics first. The veis are a part of the blood circulation system of the body that carries impure or deoxygenated blood. They are as important as the heart because without the proper functioning of the veis, blood circulation may not be possible.

The Vei Disease is a kind of disease which is primarily the insufficient functioning of the eins. The vein disease can be of two different type i.e. varicose vein and spider ven.

  1. The Varicose Ven Treatment is very important as it helps to improve the functioning of the vein. During varicose ein disease, a person’s vein appear enlarged and twisted. The varicose veins are an indication of serious blockage in vein. Severe vein blockage may be fatal and life threatening.
  2. The spider vin is another form of vei disease. Though it is similar to varicose vins, the spider vein disease is found often near the skin. The spider vein is similar to a spider’s web and hence it got its name. It is found in the areas of body where the skin is comparatively thinner like at face and legs. The Spider Vein Treatment includes visual examinations of the portions which are affected. The doctor checks the inflammation of the veins in the affected areas and treats the patient accordingly. The Vein Disese is a kind of disease which is primarily the insufficient functioning of the veis. The vein diseae can be of two different type i.e. varicose vei and spider vein. The Varicose Vein Tretment is very important as it helps to improve the functioning of the vens. During varicose vein diseas, a person’s vens appear enlarged and twisted. The varicose veins are an indication of serious blockage in vins. Severe vein blockage may be fatal and life threatening

The treatment for vein disases is done in order to ensure the proper and healthy functioning of the veis. If the treatment for vein diseses does not show early improving symptoms, the doctor may ask the patient to undergo several other tests in the Vein Clinic. One such test is the ultrasound test that is done in order to check the functioning of the valves and determining the presence of blood clot.

Ayurvedic Diet: Easiest Way to Enjoy Robust Health

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Modern life is full of stress which is the main cause of numerous maladies in our life. On top of it, sedentary lifestyle is another factor causing numerous health problems. Seeing at the sheer number of people who are suffering because of lifestyle choices, it becomes all the more important to regulate your life. Ayurveda prescribes a complete way of health. Before embarking on Ayurvedic diet or therapy, it is necessary to get a bit of insight into it. Firstly, you must know your dosha type as it helps in preparing a diet chart for you. It is said that your dosha governs your life on all levels –physical, mental, spiritual and emotional. There are numerous online sites where you can find all about your doshas.

Ayurveda has got remedy for all your problems. However, if you take care of your diet half of your health problems would automatically disappear. Ayurvedic diet differs for different persons decided as it is by what your dosha is. If you have got a Pita type body, a mix of fire and water governs your life. Such people are soft hearted, sensitive and are angered easily. They are susceptible to heart disease, liver disorders, early aging, hyperacidity, skin disease and blood infections. The Pita type people must eat lot of sweets as they are said to keep people calm and happy. They are advised to take various herbs to prevent heart, liver and skin problems.

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Then, there are Vata type people who are considered as energetic and just find it impossible to sit down. They always prefer to remain on the move. Naturally, such people find it tough to focus on specific tasks and suffer from sleep problems. They are vulnerable to digestive problems, joint and bone problems and dry skin. It is important for people of this dosha to choose their Ayurvedic diet with proper consideration. Herbal Vata tea is considered good to ease their nerves.

Last but not the least, persons having Kapha dosha has got lot going for them. It is all the more important for Kapha persons to follow a strict Ayurvedic diet and balanced lifestyle. As kapha persons are more likely to follow bad habits like over-possessiveness, stubbornness, overeating, lethargy, fatty foods, it is important to live a balanced life and avoid sedentary lifestyle. Such persons are prone to diabetes, obesity, atherosclerosis and oily skin. They should exercise often and eat lots of fruits, vegetables and whole grain foods.

What Is Pearl Pigment? How Can It Be Used?

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Do you know something about the pearl pigment? Maybe you heard of pigment. A pigment is a material that changes the color of reflected or transmitted light as the result of wavelength-selective absorption. What is pearl pigment? It is a kind of inorganic pigment, have some special features: non-metallic, not including the heavy metal, chemical inertia, non-poisonous, safe for the surrounding and human being. You may see many different types of pearl pigments here.

The most common type is the silver white pearl pigment. It is mica powder coated by titanium oxide, and according to lights’ many times reflection, it produced pearl luster. If the mica powder’s particle size is bigger, the pearl luster will be better,but the coverage will be worse.

Silver white pearl pigment consists mica coated with TiO2. The different coating layer and the different particle size of mica will produce pearlescent pigments with different silver white effect. For TiO2, there are two kinds: one is Rutile, the other is Anatase. So, if asked for high weather resistant it is better to choose Rutile products. For Mica if the particle size is different, the pearlescent effect will be different as well. If the particle size is coarse it has better luster and higher transparency, even produce a shimmer effect. But for the smaller particle size, it has soft luster and strong coverage performance.

In pace with the growth of living condition, people demand to have more luster paint perfect in color for indoor decoration, and pearl luster pigment is the answer. Pearl luster pigment is excellent in dispersion, and good in physical and chemical property. As such, pearl luster pigment is suitable for mixture with any single-color paint to make pearl paint, which not only affect the color result, but also enhance the color expression of paint.

In addition, pearl luster pigment also is suitable for most of both oil-base and water-base paint, especial for see-through materials which can promise you the desirable result. However, when pearl luster pigment makes into a mixture with non-transparent paints, the result of pearl luster may seriously affected. Another thing that should be circled out is never process the pearl luster pigment in grinding machine with high shearing stress to avoid destroy the structure and luster of the pigment.

The products have more than one hundred varieties, widely used in various industries, such as paint, plastic, ink, leather, printing, dyeing, rubber, paper making, master batch, etc, and give their products enthralling outlooks and gentlest lusters.

Benefits of Practicing Kundalini Yoga

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Before I attended the Inner Awakening meditation retreat, I thought yoga was a series of uncomfortable static postures. While at the meditation retreat, the vastness of Kundalini yoga was introduced.

We started our mornings with the yoga of physical postures, breathing and awareness. Although initially I dreaded this exercise, I found that yoga was a marvelous way to wake up my physical and mental energy. I began to look forward to starting my day with yoga practice creating a clear, focused, relaxed mind and a strong, flexible body. My breathing took on a deeper, fuller more relaxed pattern. During the day, between the amazing and sometimes demanding meditation sessions, we would think we were tired – physically, emotionally and mentally. Then, the yoga instructor would show up for a yoga tune up. I would be completely recharged.

As the meditation retreat continued, my appreciation increased for Kundalini yoga as my awareness expanded with regard to the chakra energy activation. The physical posture benefits are side effects, with the main purpose being to hold the awakened Kundalini energy. To activate and awaken the Kundalini energy during our 21 day Inner Awakening, we learned and practiced pranayamas and kriyas.

One marvelous benefit of learning and doing Kundalini yoga at the IA meditation retreat is the presence of Paramahamsa Nithyananda, an enlightened yogic master and avatar. In other programs I have done, all the efforts have been my own. When meditating, doing Kundalini yoga with Paramahamsa Nithyananda, his energy and grace create inner permanent change – as he says: you show up and give 20%, the other 80% is my job. The effects include symptoms of depression and anxiety replaced with joy and bliss.

An energy healer told me, in her experience people have uncomfortable side effects when Kundalini energy is awakened. My experience of awakened Kundalini energy was exhilarating with no negative effects at all. My enjoyment of Kundalini energy has continued even 9 months after the meditation retreat. It is lovely to live a life with energized chakras, no symptoms of depression or anxiety. I used to have a specific severe anxiety, to the level of panic attack. I am pleased to report the anxiety has not returned.

Home Cures That Have Been Proven To Work

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Nobody actually loves doctor appointments. There are usually long waits required both in the waiting room then again in the exam room. Nobody really really wants to take care of the expensive co-pays or a doctor who never remembers your name unless he or she is looking at your chart. All the same, if you will discover important medical decisions to make, nothing will ever be as good as the advice of a doctor. When you have to deal with a significant illness, it’s really important that you talk to your doctor. If the issue is little, on the other hand, there are probably quite a few remedies in your home already. Keep reading to understand more about a few of the most common and most successful home remedies that you can use to feel better.

When you are feeling queasy or sick to your belly, try eating a little bit of ginger. There are all sorts of nausea that can be reduced by having some ginger: motion sickness, morning sickenss and even sometimes the nausea that is felt by cancer patients after they undergo chemotherapy. If you aren’t in a position to find any genuine ginger root, there are always ginger capsules that you can take. The 250 mg ginger root supplements are precisely what most highly recommended for those who are unable to find or cannot afford natural ginger root.

Do you experience heightened blood pressure levels? Try consuming a few pieces of chocolate and relaxing to some tunes. Dark chocolate is specifically full of antioxidants and these can be really helpful in lowering a person’s blood pressure because those antioxidants can expand your blood vessels which will allow the blood to pass a lot more freely through your system. Choose a music that is relaxing and repetitive. You may also help yourself a lot more if you take some slow breaths. Just a single ounce of chocolate and a quarter hour of playing slower and repetitive songs like Indian, Celtic and Classical can do so much for your overall emotional state.

If you endure menstrual cramps, try using some heat to your abdomen and also lower back. That old try a heating pad or maybe a hot water bottle strategy really has some merit. If you don’t have the time to lie around using a heating pad, you can choose the heated adhesive patches. The patches continue to be heated for as long as eight hours and provide you with the same relief that you would get from medications like ibuprofen and without your having to deal with the other effects that the pain meds will have on your system.
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Aroma therapy is good for tension. Studies have confirmed that linalool, a floral scented composite, can do rather a lot to quell stress levels. So if youre feeling edgy take a moment to smell some basil, oranges, lemons, grapes, lavender or mangoes. This is quite a lot less expensive than visiting your doctor’s office!

Obviously, none of this advice is designed to take the place of advice given to you by your medical professional and if any of these problems are happening to you regularly, a visit to the doctor’s office should be put on your to-do list. For lesser troubles, however, from time to time those great home remedies actually get the job done!

Advantages Of Using Oregano Oil

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Nature care is gaining momentum as people are acknowledging the harmful side effects of allopathic medicines. Natural treatment, however, can not only cure the infections but also strengthen the body metabolism. If you are suffering from gastrointestinal issues, yeast infection or arthritis, you should start using oregano oil. This is no ordinary oil as it contains exceptional healing ability to a number of diseases including urinary tract infection, joint inflammation and child hood diseases like mumps and measles.

Extract of the plant oregano that is found in hilly terrains of Mediterranean, this oil has been used by tribal people for over five thousand years. Greeks called it the “joy of mountain” and for Italians it is a flavor enhancer gifted by nature. Modern researchers have termed the oregano oil as the best natural tonic that, if taken regularly, can boost the immune system. This oil can be added to the recipes or taken in capsule or syrup form. Ancient people used oregano as edible oil and this was the reason of their being healthy. It contains iron, potassium, calcium, zinc, copper, boron, magnesium, manganese and copper. Vitamins found in this oil include C, A and niacin. This combination of minerals and proteins is impossible to find in even the man-made tonics.

Today oregano oil is taken as medicine for kidney infection. It can remove the E-coli bacteria from the urinary tract and restore smooth functioning of the kidney. People feeling discomfort in passing urine and braving severe pain in the lower back can take advantage of the healing qualities of the this oil and get rid of the infection in short time. But if you are taking this oil regularly in recipes or directly, you have no chances of getting stomach or urinary problems. The plant oregano is a medicinal plant now and it is cultivated for extracting the nutritious life saving juice.

Oregano oil is also beneficial for arthritis patients as it reduces inflammation and relieves from pain. Arthritis is a common problem of people above 50 years of age. In arthritis, the patients feel unbearable pain in joints especially knee, ankle and forearm joints. In severe cases, the pain spreads to the finger joints, neck and entire back. There are remedies for arthritis but none is as effective as this oil. It may take some time but the results will be long lasting. If taken from early age, this oil can make you immune from all the diseases including cancer and HIV AIDS.

Benefits of Turmeric for Optimum Health

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The health benefits of turmeric are experienced daily by millions of people around the globe in the form of a hot and spicy culinary delight – curry. If you have ever eaten a curry then you have probably benefited from its health-giving properties. It is well-known as an anti-inflammatory but without the side-effects of its pharmaceutical counterpart.

Turmeric is a spice used in Asian, African and Middle Eastern cookery. It is also one of nature’s most powerful healers. It has shown promise in treating different health conditions ranging from life-threatening diseases to the more common ones like cough and minor cuts and burns.

Here is a list of health benefits of turmeric just to highlight some of its healing powers:

#1. It has antiseptic and antibacterial properties, and is used in disinfecting cuts and burns. If you’ve accidentally burnt your hand in the kitchen, here’s a quick remedy. Mix a teaspoon of turmeric with some aloe gel and immediately apply to the burn.

#2. In laboratory research, turmeric when combined with cauliflower, shows great promise in prevention and treatment of prostate cancer.

#3. Turmeric powder mixed with water is also known to help diarrhea.

#4. In an animal experiment, turmeric showed properties of preventing breast cancer from spreading to the lungs in mice.

#5. Turmeric is a fantastic natural way to beat the cough that has been troubling you for so many days. Mix a spoonful of turmeric in hot milk and drink it down. The hot milk eases the throat and the turmeric fights infection in the throat.

#6. It may prevent melanoma and stop the growth of existing melanoma by causing the melanoma cells to self destruct.

#7. Childhood leukemia is the most devastating disease to strike any family and turmeric has shown promise of reducing such a risk from occurring in young children.

#8. If you feel listless and tired most of the time, it might be a symptom of anemia. Try this remedy: mix a teaspoon of turmeric powder with honey, take it daily. It can help in countering anemia.

#9 Alzheimer’s disease is caused by the build-up of amyloyd plaque in the brain. There is indication in medical research that turmeric may prevent and slow the progress of this disease.

#10. It is a natural liver detoxifier.

#11. In research lab, there is strong indication that turmeric can slow the progression of multiple sclerosis in mice.

#12. Obesity is a major health problem facing the world today. Turmeric may aid in fat metabolism and help in weight management.

#13. Facial hair can be embarrassing and unsightly. Regular washing with turmeric reduces facial hair growth significantly.

#14. Cancer cells in tumours have the ability to form new blood vessels whereby they get nutrients to feed their growth. Turmeric has been shown to stop the growth of new blood vessels in tumours.

The above is just a partial list of the health benefits of turmeric. With more research under way investigating its medicinal value, we can expect this natural healer to offer even more health benefits to help us fight diseases, stay healthy and live a vital life for many more years to come.

Western Herbal Treatment Of Varicose Veins

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Herbal medicine can be used to strengthen vein walls, reduce fluid leakage resulting from varicose veins and improve venous circulation to and through the liver. When prescribing, practitioners take into account the health of the affected veins and the cardiovascular system as a whole. They assess your weight, speed of healing and tissue repair, and liver function. Treatment generally needs to be continued for a long time.

For example, you may need to take butcher’s broom (Ruscus aculeatus) and apply a remedy, such as witch hazel (Hamamelis virginiana) water, to the affected leg for a minimum of six months.

Horse Chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum) is the herb of choice for chronic venous insufficiency, a different and more serious condition than varicose veins and which is associated with swollen, discolored legs. It contains a complex mix of saponins and other active constituents.

Many clinical trials confirm its ability to strengthen and tone the walls of veins, reduce swelling (edema) and fluid leakage from incompetent veins, and decrease the permeability of the capillaries. Horse chestnut extract also reduces the risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

Clinical trials endorse the extract’s use in the treatment of varicose veins during pregnancy, and in the treatment and relief of hemorrhoids, which have similar causes to varicose veins.

Other Remedies include butcher’s broom, which is an anti-inflammatory with strong clinical evidence for use in chronic venous insufficiency and increased vascular permeability. Though poorly researched, yarrow (Achillea millefolium) is a traditional herb that can widen blood vessels, stimulate tissue healing and provide a tonic for veins. Bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus) is a powerful antioxidant and capillary tonic.

External Treatments include aloe Vera (Aloe Vera) juice to promote tissue repair, witch hazel for its astringent and anti-inflammatory properties when applied to the skin, and butcher’s broom extract.


Exercise with hydrotherapy appears to help varicose veins. A Swiss study showed that thermal hydrotherapy (balneokinesis) with sulphurous water and elastic compression of the legs reduces pain and leg swelling. Italian hydrotherapy research examined the effect of spa treatment on 2,504 patients with primary or secondary varicose veins.

For 15-20 days, the patients were treated under water with active and passive physical therapy using mineral waters. As many as half the patients returned to the spa a year later for the same treatment. The researchers concluded that “The occurrence of acute venous episodes, working days missed, number and duration of hospital admissions, consumption of drugs and physical therapies were all significantly reduced in the year after thermal therapy.”


The following measures may prevent varicose veins from appearing or worsening and may help to relieve aching and discomfort:

*Lose weight if necessary.
*Avoid standing for long periods.
*Take regular daily walks.
*Keep your legs elevated above your hips while you are sitting.
*Avoid crossing your legs.
*Avoid clothes that constrict the circulation in your legs.

How Acupuncture Can Help You Live a Peaceful, Stress Free Life

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If you are reading this article right now, you have probably noticed how stress has become a permeating factor in your daily life. You may have noticed that you cannot shut your mind off and enjoy life. It may seem to you that time is moving faster and faster and it is hard to keep up. This can create some emotions of anxiety and stress, and if continued over a long period of time can take a toll on our physical health as well.

Well the good news is that there are some safe, natural and effective solutions and techniques that have been used for thousands of years. One of the techniques I favor is Chinese medicine, which includes acupuncture, herbs, diet and stress relieving movement therapies (Tai Chi and Qi Gong).

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Acupuncture has been shown reduce the signs of stress. Some of the signs and symptoms of excessive stress are poor memory, easily frustrated, muscle tension and pain and lowered immune system. While stress is a relatively modern health concern, acupuncture has been used for all the above signs and symptoms for thousands of years. In fact, many empirical studies have shown acupuncture to be effective for what we now label as stress.

Now what you may find surprising, but in fact is true, is that most people find acupuncture to be extremely relaxing. Many of my patients, after having their initial health concern relieved, now come in just for the relaxing effect and stress reduction. What they have also found is they get the most benefit when they make some modifications in the way they live their daily life, like addressing addictive behaviors, utilizing other stress reduction techniques such as meditation, and becoming more aware on a daily basis.

Chinese medicine suggests that any strong emotion, such as stress, will interrupt the flow of energy in our bodies. In Chinese medical theory, energy flows through meridians, which are just like rivers. Stress acts as dam in the river, blocking the free flow of energy.Acupuncture works to correct these energetic imbalances that give rise to the signs of stress. Whereas, most other forms of healthcare are dealing with just the physical symptoms. Acupuncture addresses the root of the problem in a natural and very effective way.

Acupuncture is safe and gentle and has been used by thousands of people all over the world. If you a seeking help with stress and have not found a solution I encourage you to try acupuncture as soon as possible!