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Benefits of Practicing Kundalini Yoga

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Before I attended the Inner Awakening meditation retreat, I thought yoga was a series of uncomfortable static postures. While at the meditation retreat, the vastness of Kundalini yoga was introduced.

We started our mornings with the yoga of physical postures, breathing and awareness. Although initially I dreaded this exercise, I found that yoga was a marvelous way to wake up my physical and mental energy. I began to look forward to starting my day with yoga practice creating a clear, focused, relaxed mind and a strong, flexible body. My breathing took on a deeper, fuller more relaxed pattern. During the day, between the amazing and sometimes demanding meditation sessions, we would think we were tired – physically, emotionally and mentally. Then, the yoga instructor would show up for a yoga tune up. I would be completely recharged.

As the meditation retreat continued, my appreciation increased for Kundalini yoga as my awareness expanded with regard to the chakra energy activation. The physical posture benefits are side effects, with the main purpose being to hold the awakened Kundalini energy. To activate and awaken the Kundalini energy during our 21 day Inner Awakening, we learned and practiced pranayamas and kriyas.

One marvelous benefit of learning and doing Kundalini yoga at the IA meditation retreat is the presence of Paramahamsa Nithyananda, an enlightened yogic master and avatar. In other programs I have done, all the efforts have been my own. When meditating, doing Kundalini yoga with Paramahamsa Nithyananda, his energy and grace create inner permanent change – as he says: you show up and give 20%, the other 80% is my job. The effects include symptoms of depression and anxiety replaced with joy and bliss.

An energy healer told me, in her experience people have uncomfortable side effects when Kundalini energy is awakened. My experience of awakened Kundalini energy was exhilarating with no negative effects at all. My enjoyment of Kundalini energy has continued even 9 months after the meditation retreat. It is lovely to live a life with energized chakras, no symptoms of depression or anxiety. I used to have a specific severe anxiety, to the level of panic attack. I am pleased to report the anxiety has not returned.

Chakra Yoga: Ancient Practice to Revitalize Body Energy

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Yoga is more than a physical exercise. It as well involves spiritual healing through meditation. Yoga’s origin, a spiritual-oriented Hindu practice, is divorced from the yoga widely performed in the West. The West adapted yoga mainly to increase physical stamina and cultivate mental focus. Rarely people know that one way of using yoga is through Chakra healing.

In the first place, the word chakra is not a common word, except in the realm of Metaphysics where Chakra Energy Center is a subject matter. Chakras are spiritual energies in the body. In Sanskrit, an old Indian language, chakra means wheel or disc of light signifying one of the seven energy centers of the body. These chakras are located in the ethereal body.

Chakra yoga is best at improving mental focus and concentration, enhancing energy circulation, as well as developing physical strength. The Chakra Energy Center is part of an ancient yoga practice used to revitalize body and aid in stress management.

The seven major chakras serve as pathways for energy to enter into the body. Each of the seven chakras, with different designated color, is attached to various set of emotional and physical concerns. The quest
of Sound Essence provides information and tools needed to allow the song of the soul to be heard.
For example, unbalanced lower chakras can cause back pain. That is why in Chakra yoga, the set of sequences is aimed at balancing energy in the body.

The chakras automatically let the body receptive to positive emotions like love, empowerment and joy, as well as optimism on health and daily stress issues. An off-balanced lifestyle, as they call it, causes damage on your health life back pain and adversely affects social relationships like family, marriage, and friendship.

The basic combination of breathing exercises, postures, and meditation is also present in Chakra yoga.

Colours of clothing that are worn can have a strong effect on a person and can reflect their state of being. Dressed in black may make you feel closed off, depressed while bright colours may have the reversed effect.

Have you noticed what you wear and the colours you chose? How do you feel with the colours you have chosen? Try it. For example, try something completely different, if you wear dark clothing wear
something bright. Red is a passionate colour, yellow is a vibrant colour. Chose a colour that you resonate with it could have quite an effect on your state of being.