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How Acupuncture Saved My Wife

Posted by Alternative Medicine on January 19, 2011 in Acupuncture with No Comments

I know it sounds very dramatic but for our family it was.
The story started many years ago back in May 1993. I had gone to work early that morning and everything was on course for a normal day in our family, but that was about to change and from then on acupuncture became an important part of our life.
It was a head-on car crash that broke the neck of an athletic 36-year-old woman and our story changed from that day on. She was in hospital for weeks with a contraption on her neck and head and drugged up to the eyeballs. This was just the start of something that took over our life. On leaving hospital she was so heavily drugged to stop the pain that she spent most days in bed and when she was up looked like a zombie walking around. Year after year slowly passed by and she was on still on medication for pain and now for depression caused by the persistent unrelenting pain which had now gone to her lower back because of the strange ways she would walk due to the pain.
By 2001 and unable to press the pedals of a car or turn neck without using hips to see to her side and still wearing one of the neck braces we had come to the end of the NHS and decided in desperation to try Acupuncture.

When I suggested it I was met with a negative reaction at first but as it was the last resort and nothing else had worked, she tried it and the results were remarkable. Up to this point she had still not got back the mobility in her neck and the pain was acute but after a 6-month intense course of Acupuncture with Tamara in Malmesbury her pain has reduced to, at times, normal. She is able to move her neck, drive a car (with auto) and in general be a normal person. She has what she calls a periodic service every couple of weeks to a month which allows her to live as normal a life as possible. She also combines it with Aromatherapy and these 2 therapies are the most important part of her life.

This was written by someone who was always a sceptic, who always believed in the NHS and thought complimentary therapies had no place, but I am now a true convert. I have my wife back and so do my kids; we lost her for a long time. So now when anyone tells me something they totally believe in I don’t knock it.

What may seem unbelievable and strange for you could have been in use with people who were civilized many centuries before we were.

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